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AI Management and Service

The Israeli Breeding Program
Approximately 50 young bulls are tested annually.
Semen from approximately 20 proven bulls is available to dairy farmers for general service.
Most are proven bulls with evaluations based on daughter production; the rest are high pedigree index-promising young bulls.
Genetic evaluations are performed biannually. Cattle are ranked according to the Israeli Selection Index PD11.
Each year, approximately 450,000 inseminations are performed in Israel, 95% with local semen from the Israeli-Holstein breed.
Sion employs 50 insemination technicians. Currently, 85% of the dairy herds are involved in the DHI system.
Insemination information is recorded by the technicians on hand-held computer terminals.
This system allows for error-free data transfer to the central computer of the Israel Cows Breeders Association (ICBA).
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